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Life's Leaving Me Behind

The past couple of weeks have been pretty hectic.  

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Due to home remodeling, I've been kept busy with moving things around and cleaning up.  I ate out or ate restaurant food pretty much every single day of last week.  Some time during last week, I got a cold sore due to lack of sleep / malnutrition, and it's hurting a lot right now =(. 

I've also been out a lot and meeting a lot of new people lately.  It seems that all of the pretty girls my age wear a lot of make-up, and the ones who don't tend to be not as pretty.  Not to say I'm giving into peer pressure, but I do think that being a girl, I should care more about my appearances.  According to an arc in the Count Cain Saga, a girl's face is her life...but I'm not vain enough to trade my life for beauty though:

Anyway, yesterday, I ended up staying up until 2am because I didn't have any time to myself until midnight.  I wanted to order some make-up from online and get the best deal.  I think I succeeded at that.  My total was $75.50, I needed $75 to get free shipping, I bought 9 items (one of which was Dr. G's BB Cream for under $30!), and I got 3 free sample items.  Since I don't plan to buy that much make-up often, I had to make my choices very carefully.  I don't think I made the best choices since most of my order was made of BB Creams that were on sale.  But maybe one of them fits my skin better than Dr. G and BB Cream is all the makeup a lazy girl needs XD.

So after spending $75.50 last night on make-up, something I don't usually spend a lot of money on (most of the products I currently use were hand-me-downs from my mom, bought at the 99 Yen Shop, or were nice brands well under $10 a pop)...I go into work today to find out that the top manager of our office was let go without so much as half a day's warning.  It was a shocker since she was really experienced.  You'd think the head manager would get more respect than that, but I guess not.

With that said, anyone can be let go any day.  Although the rest of us were promised our jobs until at least the end of this year, I'm wondering if I should make back-up plans...  Taking a breather sounds inviting, but with still the burden of my remaining school loans, I really need a source of income still.  Time to go back to selling on eBay I guess *shrugs*......


Can I has my spider back?

 My co-worker just IM-ed me the following link:
Can I have my spider back?

He sits right next to me.  Reminds me of sophomore year of college when my friend and I IM-ed each other random stuff back and forth although we lived in the same apartment and were only separated by the living room ^_^;......


Handwriting Fail

I just got on the compie and now it's midnight D=. I got home around 11pm and then chatted a bit with my mom about baby showers. I got invited to my first ever baby shower and I'm totally clueless as to how they work; I don't think kids my age should be having kids of their own yet, so maybe it's a good sign that I haven't been to any baby showers yet.

Anyway, I wanted to log a funny conversation from tonight:

Person 1: *Reading handwritten slip of paper*
Q: What is your favorite cuss word?

A: I don't usually cuss, but if I were to, it would probably be crap of...domm...doom......

Everyone: What?! Crap of doom?! *LoL*
Person 2: Wait, isn't that like 3 words and not just one......?
Person 3: Hey!  Let me see that!  I wrote "crap or damn!"

Tomorrow, I'm going to the gym after work...  I probably won't get home until 10pm D=.  And then I have to get up early on Saturday to go marble shopping for the kitchen counter.  It just never ends......

Well, time for bed.


Autumn is Here

It's been a while, and I can feel that autumn is here. At first, I wasn't sure if I'm going to continue blogging here or not. But then again, since I already applied the paid user credit I got back in 2003, I might as well use it somewhat until it expires early next year.

Speaking of blogs, I get spam from Ameba on a regular basis. I usually delete it without reading it, but since today's (or maybe it was from a few days ago?) was sandwiched between a string of message notifications, I opened it just to make sure it's not another legitimate message notification. I quickly skimmed through the email, aiming to hit the delete button at the bottom of the page. However, my eye caught the following article title and I scrolled back up to make sure my eyes weren't playing tricks on me:

I know that I owe a lot of people replies to messages/emails v_v...and I apologize for being so unresponsive and I apologize in advance if I continue to be ......

I shall stop reading and getting distracted by email spam...

Anyway, speaking of sleep, I should sleep early today......


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